Welcome to our School

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I am proud to welcome you to our wonderful school.

At St John the Evangelist CE Primary School, we provide a happy, nurturing and supportive environment; helping to support children’s academic development, their spiritual growth and moral understanding. All members of our school community are valued and respected, so that everyone can have a positive attitude towards themselves, others and life.

We believe that we are all learners on a journey that is sometimes challenging, often exciting and always worthwhile, as we show care for others and strive to achieve excellence. Our relationships, daily interactions and the decisions we make at St John the Evangelist CE Primary School are rooted in our shared values. We work together to ensure all our children experience success and reach the highest standards of academic achievement, whilst nurturing their self-belief.

We believe that the ‘special feel’ at St John’s is related to the caring atmosphere that pervades the school, the responsibility that all members of our school community take to be the best we can be and the way we inspire each other through our creative and exciting approach to learning.

Mark Smith



Our Vision

We aspire for all individuals to grow as children of God, to be the best they can be. We want children to have respect for themselves and each other, along with a wonder and curiosity for God’s creation.


‘They will lift up their wings and soar like eagles’    ‘…embracing life in all its fullness.’                  

                                                 Isaiah 40:31                                                       John 10:10             

Our motto reflects the ambition of the school community to care for others and achieve excellence. Our school emblem is the golden eagle; we believe it is our collective responsibility to give all at St John’s the wings to fly and inspire them to rise and soar higher than they ever thought possible.


Respect      Unity      Self-belief      Success      Responsibility      Inspire