School Staff 2023 - 2024

Senior Leadership Team
Role Name
Acting Headteacher Marie Wargent

Acting Deputy Headteacher

(Safeguarding Lead and SENCo)

Joanna Stainer

Assistant Headteacher

(Curriculum and Assessment)

Amy Peace
School Business Manager John Andrews


Leadership Team
Role Name
Foundation Stage Leader Katie Greenhalgh
Key Stage 1 Phase Lead Sophie Price
Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Lead Kayleigh Smith
Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Lead Chris Mackie


Teaching Teams
Foundation Stage
Year Group Class Teacher Teaching Assistant



Emma James

Georgina Martin

Niki Philips

Jackie Best


Beech Sarah Morley

Rhian Rimmer


Oak Katie Greenhalgh Jasmine Archer



Catherine Stephens 

Jo Clarke

Key Stage 1
Year Group Class Teacher Teaching Assistant
Year 1 Horse Chestnut Donna Baker and Claire McKeer

Elizabeth Thorpe

Year 1


Sophie Price

Michala Forder

Year 2 Ash

Samantha Rogers

Luisa Furina

Ruth Saville

Year 2 Hazel

Megan Ledbetter

Tara Mackenzie


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 Cedar Rosie Clarke

Di Croxford

Year 3 Rowan Kayleigh Smith

Michele Wainer

Year 4 Silver Birch Jenny Wenban and Sophie Monk

Kate Frost

Year 4 Holly Natalie Johnson

Trish Coughlan

Upper Key Stage 2
Year 5 Sycamore Kiera Rhodes

Danielle Williams

Ian Hayes

Year 5 Maple Chris Mackie Lindsey Doyle
Year 6 Willow Megan Tovey Natasha Viner
Year 6 Walnut Michelle Spolander and Paula McNiffe

Sarah Webster


Whole School Teaching Support Staff
Role Name
Teacher of Interventions

Ruth Owen

HLTA for EYFS Catherine Stephens
HLTA Jenny Rogers
Sports Teacher Charles Lamb

SENCo Assistant

Contact school


Administration Staff
Role Name
Office and Finance Manager Sandra Roebuck
Communication and Marketing Claire Hadland
Pupil Services and Admissions Administrator Nathalie Payne
Librarian Margaret Hewitt


Support Staff
Role Name
Child and Family Support Worker Alaina Tabern

Inclusion Teacher

(Learning Engagement Mentor and Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA))

Gemma Challender

Site Manager Ray Watters
Midday Supervisor Carol Wilson
Midday Supervisor Julie Mitchell
Midday Supervisor Lesha Rimmer
Midday Supervisor Iwona Waclawska
Midday Supervisor Emma Rowlands
Midday Supervisor Emma Gray