Medicines and First Aid

First Aid

The school’s trained first aiders will treat children for minor cuts and bruises, but will telephone parents if children are unwell and need to be collected.

In an emergency, or if the school staff feel that an injury may be a serious cause for concern, the school will arrange for the necessary medical assistance (including transfer of a child to hospital by ambulance). At the same time, the school will contact the child’s parents/carers as soon as possible, but obtaining medical assistance will not be delayed pending contact with parents.


Medicines in School

Medicines will only be accepted for administration by school staff if they are: prescribed, in-date, labelled and provided in the original container as dispensed by a pharmacist. The only exception to this is insulin, which must be in date, but will generally be available inside an insulin pen or pump, rather than its original container. Medicines must include instructions for administration, dosage and storage.

If your child has been prescribed a medicine, and is well enough to attend school, please first complete and sign a Request for School to Administer Medication Form. Please then take the form to the School Office with the medicine.

Take the medicine to the School Office at the beginning of each school day, where it will be kept in a lockable cabinet, and collect it at the end of the school day. Please also inform your child’s teacher that you have left medicine at the office for your child.

Your child will need to go to the School Office at the correct time to receive their medication.

If your child seems unwell, the School Office will contact you or your emergency contact and may stop administering the medication until medical advice has been sought.


'The pastoral team provides well-targeted support in school and works effectively with agencies to help pupils and families get the support they need.' OFSTED 2020