School Governors

The Governing Body is the strategic decision making body of the school. Its role is to:

  • set the schools overall strategic direction, and to then work with leaders to communicate this vision, ethos and strategic direction to the whole school community and develop a culture of ambition;
  • provide a balance of challenge and support to the schools leaders, understanding the strengths and areas for improvement at the school;
  • understand the impact of teaching, learning and assessment on the progress of pupils currently in the school;
  • ensure that the school manages its finances effectively and that the school is properly using the pupil premium and primary PE and sport premium;
  • be transparent and accountable, including in recruiting staff, its governance structure, attendance at meetings and contact with parents.

Governors are volunteers who bring their outside experience into school to act as ‘critical friends’. Membership of the Governing Body is drawn from different parts of the community including the church, parents, staff and Local Authority.  The Governing Body meets ten times throughout the school year. Agendas and work programmes can be accessed below. The full details of the Governance structure and remit of the Governing Body can be found in the link below under 'Governing Body Terms of Reference/Governance Structure' at the bottom of the page.  In addition, details about the schools strategic direction and the enabling Strategy's that help deliver this vision are also available in the links at the bottom of this page. 

School Governors & Category (Click on Yes to see pen picture)



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Rev Andrew Tweedy

Foundation (Minister)


Tony Youd

Foundation - co Vice Chair


Mike Watts



Christian McGuinness


To follow

Simon Watson

Foundation - Chair


Mark Winch



Jessica Gray

Parent  - Vice Chair


Mark Smith

Staff - Headteacher


Marie Wargent

Staff – Deputy Headteacher


Martin McBride

Local Authority

To follow


 Full details of each governor can be found using this link.

Governors Details, Attendance and Register of Interests can be found using this link (updated 12/11/2019).


Clerk to the Governors  - Can be contacted via the School Office(Click on Yes to see pen picture)



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Helen Roberts


To follow

Meeting Agenda and Agreed Minutes (from September 2019)

Full Governing Body Committee Resources Committee

Performance Committee

January 2018 - Agenda

February 2018 - Agenda

March 2018 - Agenda

April 2018 - Agenda

June 2018 - Agenda

19 June 2018 (Extra Ordinary meeting) - Agenda

July 2018 - Agenda

September 2018 - Agenda

October 2018 - Agenda

November 2018 - Agenda

December 2018 - Agenda

January 2019 - Agenda

February 2019 - Agenda

March 2019 - Agenda

April 2019 - Agenda

June 2019 - Agenda

July 2019 - Agenda

 February 2016

January 2017

April 2017

Now part of FGB meetings

February 2016

June 2016

May 2017

Now part of FGB meetings

September 2019 - Agenda

September 2019 - Agreed Minutes

October 2019 - Agenda

October 2019 - Agreed Minutes

November 2019 - Agenda

November 2019 - Agreed Minutes

December 2019 - Agenda

December 2019 - Agreed Minutes

January 2020 - Agenda

January 2020 - Agreed Minutes

February 2020 - Agenda

February 2020 - Agreed Minutes

March 2020 - Agenda 

March 2020 - Agreed Minutes

April 2020 - Agenda

April 2020 - Agreed Minutes

June 2020 - Agenda

June 2020 - Agreed Minutes

July 2020 - Agenda





 Aims & Structure

Strategic Aims Governing Body Structure
Click on the links below to learn more: 

Strategic Direction

Governing Body Terms of Reference/Governance Structure (Sep 2018)

Engagement Strategy

Governing Body Work Programme (Sep 2018)

Recruitment & Retention Strategy

Innovation & Improvement Strategy

Digital Strategy