“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sageri

In our school the teaching of science inspires a curiosity about phenomena and events in the world. Our school vision aspires for individuals to have a respect for and a wonder and curiosity for God’s creation.

The teaching of science at our school aspires to create Scientists who challenge their own thinking and the thinking of others and so develop a persistent curiosity. Our curriculum is planned so that pupils progressively build on learnt scientific knowledge and skills.

We aim to ensure that children have a high level of science capital, with meaningful experiences which promote positive attitudes. We strive to inspire life-long interest and engagement with the subject. Pupils regularly have the opportunity to apply skills with increased independence, raising questions and recognising ways in which they might scientifically answer questions and understand  the uses and implications of science, today and for the future.

Read the full intent, implementation and impact statement for science here


Curriculum Plans

Click on the links below to download the long term plans including knowledge and skills progressions

Science curriculum overview

Progression in Science knowledge

Progression in Science skills


Click on the links below to see each year group Science Year Group Overviews

EYFS Science Overview

Year 1 Science Overview

Year 2 Science Overview

Year 3 Science Overview

Year 4 Science Overview

Year 5 Science Overview

Year 6 Science Overview


Click on the links below to see the detailed learning journeys for each Science topic

Autumn Term

Year 1 Everyday Materials

Year 1 Forces

Year 2 Properties of Materials

Year 2 Light

Year 3 Animals, including Humans

Year 3 Light

Year 4 Electricity

Year 4 Sound

Year 5 Earth and Space

Year 5 Forces

Year 6 Electricity

Year 6 Light


Spring Term

Year 1 Animals, including humans 2023 version

Year 2 Plants 2023 version

Year 2 Sound 2023 version

Year 3 Rocks and Soils 2023 version

Year 4 States of Matter 2023 version

Year 5 Properties and Changes of Materials 2023 version

Year 6 Living Things and their Habitats 2023 version

Year 6 Animals, including Humans 2023 version


Summer Term

Year 1 Plants 2023 version

Year 1 Living Things and Their Habitats 2023 version 

Year 2 Animals, including Humans 2023 version

Year 3 Plants 2023 version

Year 3 Forces and Magnets 2023 version

Year 4 Living Things and Their Habitats 2023 version

Year 4 Animals, including Humans 2023 version

Year 5 Living Things and Their Habitats 2023 version

Year 5 Animals, including Humans 2023 version

Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance 2023 version