“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Carl Sageri

In our school the teaching of science inspires in children curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them. The teaching science at St Johns aspires to create Scientists who challenge their own thinking and the thinking of others and so develop a persistent curiosity. Our curriculum is planned so that pupils progressively build on learnt scientific knowledge and skills. Pupils regularly have the opportunity to apply skills with increased independence, raising questions and recognising ways in which they might scientifically answer questions.

We want pupils to be able to work scientifically; planning enquires, identifying variables, take measurements, record data and results, make predictions and comparative and fair tests, report finding from enquires and identify scientific evidence. Pupils learn to question and discuss science-based issues that may affect their own lives, the direction of society and the future of the world.  Our annual Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematical (STEAM) focus week allows children to develop an understanding of the role of experts in the STEAM workforce in the world of work as visitors to the school to lead assemblies, workshops and aspiration talks.  This has had a hugely positive impact on children’s understanding of jobs available to them within the science world.

Knowledge and understanding through the programme of study is carefully crafted so that prior learning is consolidated and built upon is subsequent years learning. High importance is placed in maintaining awe and wonder as taster sessions of future learning are dropped into earlier year group science programme. 


Click on the links below to download the long term plans including knowledge and skills progressions

Science curriculum overview

Progression in Science knowledge

Progression in Science skills


Click on the links below to see each year group Science Year Group Overviews

Year 1 Science Overview

Year 2 Science Overview

Year 3 Science Overview

Year 4 Science Overview

Year 5 Science Overview

Year 6 Science Overview


Click on the links below to see the detailed learning journeys for each Science topic

Autumn Term

Year 1 Everyday Materials

Year 1 Forces

Year 2 Properties of Materials

Year 2 Light

Year 3 Animals, including Humans

Year 3 Light

Year 4 Electricity

Year 4 Sound

Year 5 Earth and Space

Year 5 Forces

Year 6 Electricity

Year 6 Light


Spring Term

Year 1 Animals, including humans

Year 2 Plants

Year 2 Sound

Year 3 Rocks and Soils

Year 4 States of Matter

Year 5 Properties and Changes of Materials 

Year 6 Living Things and their Habitats

Year 6 Animals, including Humans


Summer Term

Year 1 Plants

Year 1 Living Things and Their Habitats

Year 2 Animals, including Humans

Year 3 Plants

Year 3 Forces and Magnets

Year 4 Living Things and Their Habitats

Year 4 Animals, including Humans

Year 5 Living Things and Their Habitats

Year 5 Animals, including Humans

Year 6 Evolution and Inheritance