Christian Values

Through extensive consultation, the community of St John the Evangelist CE Primary School has agreed six core values, underpinned by Christian values. They are the principles that guide our lives. Our values are rooted in the fact that we are a church school with a Christian foundation.


At St John the Evangelist CE Primary School our core values are:

RESPECT - We care for ourselves, each other, the environment and our community.

‘So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.’ Matthew 7:12


UNITY - We are individuals with a sense of belonging, united through cooperation.

‘May the God who gave endurance and encouragement, give you a spirit of unity.’ Romans 15:5


SELF-BELIEF - We develop self-confidence and determination to achieve our unique potential.

‘I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me.’ Philippians 3:13-14


SUCCESS - We recognise and are proud to celebrate, the achievements of all.

‘Please grant success to the journey I have begun.’ Genesis 24:42


RESPONSIBILITY - We all play our part to reflect upon, challenge and improve the way we lead our lives and how we use our talents.

‘Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.’ Romans 12:6-8


INSPIRE - We develop curiosity, risk taking and a love of learning in a creative environment.

‘For nothing is impossible with God.’ Luke 1:37


Our values are embedded in the life of the school. Christian values underpin all relationships across the school and our commitment to caring for others and achieving excellence.

Respect Unity  Self-belief Success Responsibility  Inspire















At St John the Evangelist CE Primary School, we look at the values in detail so that we all have the words to describe them to each other and know how to spot them in ourselves and in others. We celebrate when people are showing values through our acts of collective worship, celebration assemblies and class reflection time.

It’s not just children who need to learn about values, adults have to think about them too and sometimes need to remind themselves to slow down and think about what is really important to them. All adults at St John the Evangelist CE Primary School try to live the values at the same time as the children: that way we fulfil our mission statement of caring for others, achieving excellence.


After one of Mr Smith’s assemblies a child said, ‘Daniel showed courage when he was thrown in with the lions. That is like when I started my swimming lessons and had to be brave.’  Year 2 child ‘In school we show unity by being part of the family of St John’s. It is important to be united because you achieve more together than on your own.’ Year 4 child