Read, Write, Inc Phonics

Phonics is taught throughout the school using the Read Write Inc. scheme, which ensures systematic coverage and progression. Children start phonics when they join our nursery. Phonics is taught in small groups focusing on children's recognition of the letter sounds and how to read and write these.
In Reception and Key Stage 1 children are taught in smaller groups, led either by the class teacher or by trained learning support staff. The children are assessed regularly to ensure that they are in the appropriate group for supporting and extending their individual needs. Year 1 children take part in statutory Phonics Screening during the summer term, and parents are informed of their child's achievement at the end of the school year. Read Write Inc. continues to form the basis for the teaching of spelling from Year 2 upwards.

Parent Introduction Presentation

Video Links

Why read with your child

How to say the sounds

Sound blending

Teaching two letters one sound 

Reading Set 3 sounds

Spelling Set 3 sounds

Word lists

Set 1 Words to read

Set 2 Words to read

Set 3 Words to read

Red words that can not be sounded out 

Speed Sound Activity Sheets

The following website provides materials to practise reading and writing the sounds and words introduced in the daily videos as well as others your child will have been learning in school.

Click here for: Speed Sound Practice Sheets and other resources

At the top of the web page there are links for Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 materials, as well as videos and resources to help parents.

Set 1: for children in Nursery and Reception

Set 2: for children in Reception that know Set 1 sounds and for children in Year 1

Set 3: for children in Year 1 and 2